Monday, 6 January 2014

Raina Telgemeier

We love Raina Telgemeier. Ever since Smile, I keep an eye out for her name, because if its on a cover, I know my boys will like it.
Smile, as the cover will tell you, is about teeth. A true story, to me it is a perfect picture of life between the ages of ten or eleven and fourteen.Without being overly dramatic or sentimental or chip-on-the-shoulderish, Raina tells the story of the long and arduous dental work she had after a fall which knocked one of her front teeth up into her gum. It has everything, the mean friends, the nice friends, the sulking, the getting-on-with-it. Anyone facing braces (which is everyone now, it seems) should read it. But its not just about teeth, its about growing up and life.

For my kids, who have read it multiple times, it seems to be source of comfort. If they come downstairs at half nine-ish complaining that sleep isn't coming as easily as usually does, or they have that lonely feeling that arrives when everyone else is asleep, its the first choice to bring back up with them to read.

While not quite as popular, Drama is great too. Its about being involved in Drama productions in school and the various relationships that form when kids stay late.
The insecurity, the enthusiasm, the doubt, the crushes, its all there, and handled very sweetly. My sons have all read it a few times and when asked their opinions said "really good, almost as good as Smile."
So of course, when I saw she was doing a graphic series of the Baby-Sitters Club, I had to get some. These are in black and while, (Smile and Drama are in colour) and have all been passed from brother to brother.

They're great, and now that I think of it, bought initially to keep my eight and ten year old's occupied during a two hour flight. As it turned out, they were perfect. Being graphic, they are ideal to read on a noisy plane as they didn't require the concentration of a novel, and no one could order they be switched off during take off and landing.

Really, if you are travelling with kids this year, all of the above are an ideal addition to anyone's carry-on bag.

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