Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson

My eldest son handed this to me the other morning, "finished it," he told me curtly. Apparently I had expressed some doubts that he was ever going to have a look at his Christmas books, as it seemed to me that he was concentrating almost exclusively on research for a phone to be purchased with some hoped for Confirmation money.

Once I had apologised profusely and admitted how unjustly I had judged him, (and swept aside his suggestion I pay him five euros - give them an inch eh?) he agreed to answering a  few questions on Rabbit Hill.
What he liked about it: It was a quick read, the characters were good, he always wanted to know what happened next and it reminded him of The Wind in the Willows and the movie Over The Hedge. 
What he didn't like about it: Nothing, it was really good.
Illustrated by Lawson too, its a lovely book and one I purchased thinking it might be too lovely for my boys but thankfully I underestimated them. Look at these..

P.s. I first saw this recommended on Dinner A Love Story

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