Saturday, 18 January 2014

Stuff from Christmas that worked out: Melissa and Doug Billy Magnetic Dress Up

When I was a little girl I really loved dolls. And since having boys, have kept an eagle eye out for any of them wanting one, because doll shopping would give me such pleasure. But there's no fighting nature and my first three sons were resolutely not interested. A power ranger figure was the closest I got. My fourth, just before his third birthday, saw one on a television add and started showing a little enthusiasm. I was thrilled! It would be the perfect birthday present! We were camping in France at the time and the nearest toy shop had beauty: the Corolle Bath Girl who came with her own blow-up arm bands - ideal for playing with in the pool. And SO cute!  I was very happy setting off from the camp-site with him in the back of the car to get it. But it was not to be, and we returned an hour a later with one happy boy and his new...chainsaw.

So, I think this is as doll-like as I'll get: the Melissa and Doug Billy Magnetic Dress Up. His Granny gave it to him for Christmas and so far, its been a success. I just leave it on the kitchen table and say nothing. He wanders in, it catches his eye and bingo - its time for me to put on the kettle because I know I'll have fifteen minutes to myself!

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