Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mary Murphy

Did you see the book part of the Late Late Toy Show? It was a bit rushed, but it was there. Sometimes I think they could go a little bit more off piste in their choices - I mean does David Baddiel need any more publicity? The idea behind his book is pretty clever, admittedly, I just wonder is there an Irish author out there who has a good book out for kids that age who could have done with a mention? It does sometimes seem like they pick the books from the shop windows, instead of going in and having a good browse. Anyways, it was nice to see Galway author Mary Murphy mentioned as she has long been a favourite in this house.
I would highly recommend her books(both in board and paper) - they're a lovely read for little people aged one to three.

Also - if you are out and about in the Dublin mountains, keep an eye out for signs like this.
We found this in a bush, covered in muck. (five minutes with jif and a washing up brush and it cleaned up pretty well!) I wish I had been able to sneak it into the car without my four year old seeing - as it has already proved a very successful toy. I really don't know how Santa is going to beat it.

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