Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Busy Day for a Good Grandmother by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain. Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road by Quentin Blake.

Well, its International Women's Day today, so I'm blogging about two books we've been reading recently, about strong women. Strong, older women with grey hair and intelligence and a sense of fun and adventure. My favourite kind.
First, a book my mother always had in her house for when the grandchildren came; A Busy Day for a Good Grandmother. She said everyone from age two to ten loved it, and I'm not surprised.

Mrs Oberon is busy fixing her trail bike when her son Scrimshaw calls.

His little son Sweeney is teething and badly needs some cock a hoop honey cake!

Mrs Oberon is on her way.

She had quite a few adventures on the journey, but my favourite part is at the end, when Sweeney is settled and Scrimshaw plonks down in front of the t.v. Not this time says Mrs Oberon, you need to learn how to make cock a hoop honey cake yourself!

Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road gets an interesting letter one morning. Her Uncle Cosmo had bought himself a new motorbike and is giving his car to Mrs Armitage. 
She heads outside to try it out. Again, there is no shortage of adventure, or wonderful illustrations, and eventually, Mrs Artmitage meets Uncle Cosmo, and his biker pals.
They all head off to the Crazy Duck Cafe for a game of billiards and a can of banana fizz, which is just about the most perfect ending ever. 

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